Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Do Babies Cry?

Babies cry because they cannot talk. Crying is the only way babies have to communicate that they need something.

The following are some common reasons for baby's cries:











  • PAIN


Sweetiepie said...

wah!A baby blog..keep it up.hey!your son is so cute..so what is he crying for?

Hazel said...

i also dunno why is he crying..maybe he feels boring because nobody play with him

Kelly said...

nobody play w him, go get a sibling for him lor!

SuhChing said...

Nelson is so cute. These days, I am taking care of my baby niece. Sometimes I really dunno what she crying for. :)

Pamps said...

just checking out your other authored blogs... -Pamps

Colorado Baby Cares said...

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MakeTraffic said...

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MakeTraffic said...

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little prince said...

his facial expression... look at his mouth... so cute!~

Everyday Healy said...

A new blog? I have a baby blog specially created for my girl too.

Welcome to "http://everydaylizzy.com". I guess from now on, we can have lots to share as a mother. :P

LittleLamb said...

ahhahah my baby cry because of MANJA....

LittleLamb said...

sure no problem. in fact, i already put your link in my bookmark.

TH said...

baby cry for many reasons and some people take a long time to know why.

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